To destroy the occupiers in huge numbers: what weapons do the Armed Forces need


To destroy the occupiers in huge numbers: what weapons do the Armed Forces need

Quite often, the positive moods of Ukrainians are based on certain information stuffing that the Russians are allegedly experiencing a powerful shell hunger.

This was told to Channel 24 by a military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev. He noticed that this is not always true. According to him, the invaders have shells, but their number is several times less than what they had in the spring and summer of last year. In addition, they have big problems with their logistics.

Requires a huge amount of ammunition

He noted that it is extremely difficult for them to move shells on trucks along field roads in the conditions of spring thaw.

The Russians have no problems at all with the personnel. A lot of mobilized. Therefore, the occupiers have the opportunity to maneuver and ignore the hundreds of losses that Putin's army will suffer every day in order to put pressure on the positions of Ukrainian defenders, the military expert emphasized.

According to him, in order for our defenders to be able to turn the invaders into ashes, we need a huge amount of ammunition.

Not only the famous HIMARS or 155 caliber Excalibur class shells. We need ordinary mines of 60, 82, 120 calibers, shells of 105, 120, 122 and 152 calibers. The weapon that now gives us the opportunity at a fairly high level to destroy in large quantities, which puts pressure on us with the same assaults and conduct an effective counter-battery fight, – the Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized.

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the weapons required by the Armed Forces of Ukraine: watch the video

It's an artillery war

He believes that even aviation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not decisive in a duel with Putin's Russia. The current war is a war of artillery, which means that we need both artillery weapons and ammunition for them.

“Victory will be on the side of the army that will have a sufficient amount of ammunition capable of destroying enemy rear lines, battle formations, armored vehicles and artillery,” Vladislav Seleznev stressed.

Providing ammunition to Ukraine: what is known

  • On Monday, March 20, a meeting of EU foreign and defense ministers will take place in Brussels. The main issue will be to agree on a plan to provide ammunition to Ukraine and continue EU support.
  • Member States are expected to agree on a triangular approach to assist Ukraine, proposed by EU High Representative Josep Borrell, together with EDA and the European Commission. The first step involves ensuring the immediate delivery of more ammunition, in particular 155 millimeters, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine through an ongoing assistance package funded by the European Peace Fund.
  • The second step is to coordinate demand and jointly purchase 155mm munitions to replenish the stocks of Member States and provide further support to Ukraine.
  • And the last proposal is to increase the production capacity of the European defense technology and industrial base to meet demand.

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