To help purify water in St. Petersburg

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To help purify water in St. Petersburg

At waterworks in St. Petersburg “smart” drinking water treatment control systems will appear. The automatic reagent dosing system will independently select the required amount of the active substance, depending on the change in water quality in the summer or winter season.

As reported in the press service of Smolny on July 15, tests of the new technology are already underway at the Southern Waterworks. Today, St. Petersburg uses a two-stage technology for disinfecting drinking water. It involves the use of safe sodium hypochlorite and UV treatment.

Also, Vodokanal of St. Petersburg uses a reagent method for removing organic contaminants, making the water colorless and transparent due to the correctly selected dose of safe inorganic salt.

The new hardware and software complex will allow not only to quickly select the optimal amount of reagent, but also ensure a consistently high quality of cleaning, optimizing the company's financial costs by 10-15%. The innovative method will be tested until the end of 2021.

Specialists of the Southern Waterworks note that the preliminary results of two-month tests have already shown the high efficiency and reliability of the “smart” control system. In the future, this technology will be introduced at all waterworks in the city.

Work on the introduction of digital technologies for water purification is carried out within the framework of the state program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” and in accordance with the basic and additional requirements of the Ministry of Construction for “smart cities”. Governor Alexander Beglov noted that St. Petersburg has a task to achieve the “Smart City” standard, using modern technologies, including for drinking water purification systems.

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