“To live and not survive”: a rally is planned in the occupied Melitopol


Russia at the beginning of a full-scale invasion occupied Melitopol, as a result of which the standard of living there deteriorated sharply. The occupiers are not able to pay wages to people.

The fact is that for the Russians, Melitopol, like the rest of the occupied cities in Ukraine, is needed exclusively for military purposes. Consequently, the occupiers do not give a damn about how civilians live, especially since Russia limits the ability to evacuate.

“Give us back the money”

On Thursday, March 16, employees of budgetary enterprises are planning a rally, because the occupiers have wage arrears in front of them. However, it is not known exactly who is planning the rally – civilian Ukrainians or collaborators supporting the occupiers.

A rally is planned for March 16 in Melitopol / Photo from Andrei Tsaplienko's telegram

Announcements appeared around the city calling on people to come to the rally, which is to be held on Victory Square. Collection announced at 18:00.

“To live, not to survive! Give us back the money. We want a salary,” the announcement of the rally says.

A rally is to be held in Melitopol on March 16 / Photo from Andrei Tsaplienko's telegram

“It is interesting how the invaders will react to this. At home, they are clearly not used to such love of freedom,” writes Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko.

Riot in occupied Zaporizhia due to non-payment of wages

The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, also reported about rallies before, but he noted that they were talking about collaborators. He informed that employees of the so-called municipal enterprises were forced to rebel in order to extort money from the occupiers.

According to him, Russia “appreciates” the traitors so much that it does not pay their wages. Therefore, employees of the so-called municipal and state unitary enterprises started a real rebellion in the occupation.

People refuse to work for nothing and believe in the fairy tales of the occupiers.

Fedorov also noted that there were so many dissatisfied people that Gauleiter Yevgeny Balitsky had to beg his Kremlin curators to resolve the issue.

It should be noted that on March 14, a powerful explosion thundered in the very center of Melitopol captured by the invaders. Eyewitnesses reported that the car was on fire. Propaganda publications reported that as a result of the explosion, allegedly 2 people were killed – a man and a woman.

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