To stimulate Germany: the US Congress urged to send at least one Abrams tank to Ukraine


To stimulate Germany: the US Congress urged to send at least one Abrams tank to Ukraine< /p>

Michael McCall, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, said that the United States should send at least one Abrams. In his opinion, this will encourage Germany to also provide tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

German Leopard tanks are used in several European countries, but permission from Berlin is required to re-export them to Ukraine. The US has said its Abrams tanks are allegedly unsuitable for fighting in Ukraine, given the significant maintenance and fuel costs required to operate them.

The United States has provided Ukraine with a significant amount of armored vehicles, including about 150 more units in the recently announced aid package by the administration of President Joseph Biden.

The congressman called for at least one Abrams to be provided to Ukraine

According to McCall, if the United States announced that it was going to provide even one Abrams to Ukraine, it could affect Germany.

I heard that Germany is waiting while we let's take the initiative. Then they would supply Leopard tanks. And remember, there are about 10 countries that have Leopard tanks, but they need the consent of Germany, the congressman said.

Asked if one Abrams is enough to get German tanks into Ukraine, McCall said he thinks that the US is going to provide them is enough for Berlin to “release” its Leopards.< /p>

“There will be a winter offensive by the Russians. They (Ukrainian Defense Forces – Channel 24) need these tanks on the eastern flank in the Donbas. They also need ATGMs, longer-range artillery to hit Crimea, where Iranian drones are,” the congressman added.

The Delaware state senator has the same opinion

Delaware Senator Chris Koons recently spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about tank deliveries while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. After that, he expressed a thought similar to McCall.

“I believe that we must urgently provide Ukraine with modern main battle tanks. I am concerned that Russia is rearming and preparing for a spring offensive. If this requires us to send a few Abrams tanks to unlock the receipt of Leopard tanks from Germany, Poland and other allies, I would support this,” Koons said.

He summed up that he respects what US military leaders consider Abrams” too complex and expensive technology to be as useful as the Leopard. However, the United States should continue to work with allies to help Ukraine and “move forward side by side.”

Pay attention! German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock said Germany would not interfere if Poland will hand over the tanks without the consent of Berlin. However, according to the official, Warsaw has not yet applied for permission to provide our state with a Leopard.

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