To whom is war, to whom is mother dear: Ukrainians are furious with a lighter with the image of the executed Hero


To whom is war, to whom is mother dear: Ukrainians are furious with a lighter with the image of the executed Hero

Since the beginning of Russia's war of conquest against Ukraine, and even more so its full-scale phase, much more goods have appeared related to our state and its heroes. However, some businessmen lose their common sense and allow themselves to sell goods with dead heroes, describing them as “beautiful accessories.”

So let off the shore and swim so far that you can’t see that shore, an online engraving store allowed itself. He offered buyers lighters with the image of a soldier shot for the words “Glory to Ukraine”, Channel 24 reports.

“Accessory” with the image of the deceased hero

However, the most outrageous was the description of the lighter with the image of Alexander Matsievsky, who was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. Sellers allowed themselves to call it “a wonderful accessory” from which you can “enjoy”.

It is expected that such a message did not last long on the Facebook page of the store due to the indignation of the society, because it could not cause other emotions due to the cynical attitude towards the memory of the executed military man.

However, before it was removed, a Twitter user managed to take a screenshot and post it online.

Online store offer / Screenshot of “Sergeant Banderops”

Ukrainians are furious

As a result of his thoughtless act, the store received a lot of angry comments from netizens, as well as a rating that collapsed to 1.2 out of 5. In their reactions, Ukrainians sometimes did not pick up a word.

Well, like a regular gig, leave everything as it is, no, bl *. Why the hell to put the deceased there? Yes, he became a symbol, an inspirer for the fight, but using his image for marketing purposes is some kind of maximum cynicism and f**ing,” wrote one Twitter user.

Other commentators noted that this is the same as putting an image of the destroyed drama theater in Mariupol on the cake, and appropriately asked if the store even received permission from the family of the deceased for such a “product”.

I do not understand this. Do those who do this have any humanity at all? asked a social media user.

Also, under the message on Twitter, it was rationally emphasized that believers, for example, do not wear Jesus on lighters and shorts. Everything must have a limit.

Of course, after many such comments, the message from the Facebook page disappeared, and another appeared, with a public apology. In it, the store, in particular, noted that “this product is not mass-produced, only one person has it.”

“We should not have taken this order! We should have refused it and not put the photo on the Internet as an example of work at all. All posts and photos have been deleted. We acknowledge the mistake and apologize!” the store said in a statement. However, under it, the Ukrainians left their furious comments and called for taking responsibility for the outrageous description.

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