To win, Ukraine must build a stable army: Zelensky told what it depends on


Ukraine must build a resilient army for victory: Zelensky told what it depends on< /p>

Ukraine seeks to join NATO. Together with the allies, she must strengthen the army as much as possible.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said this on January 24 at a joint press conference with Finnish leader Sauli Niinostio, Channel 24 reports

“Today, sustainability depends on the support of many states. The United States provides the most support, but it is very important that the UK, the countries of the European Union, the European continent, the countries of Asia and Africa are on the side of Ukraine, because this is the side of the truth,” Zelensky said.

Ukraine needs tanks

According to the President, it is important that the world strengthens the Ukrainian army as much as it can. Zelensky said he discussed today the creation of a separate platform that will deal with armored vehicles for defenders. In particular, tanks.

I am very glad that Finland will have its own place there, Zelensky added.

Coalition without Germany

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Germany's behavior on the issue of Leopard tanks is unacceptable. He emphasized that if Berlin refuses to help, then it should not limit other allies.

“If Germany does not agree to transfer the Leopard to Ukraine, we will create a smaller coalition of countries willing to share their modern tanks with Ukraine . We will not watch Ukraine bleed,” the prime minister said.

Ukraine expects tanks: breaking news

  • Poland has sent a request to Germany for permission to re-export 14 Leopard tanks. Berlin noted that it would quickly consider the issue.
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Germany would also announce the provision of Leopard heavy tanks to Ukraine.
  • The speaker of the German engineering concern Rheinmetall said that the enterprise was ready transfer 139 tanks to Ukraine

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