Today in the USA they will vote for Lend-Lease for Ukraine


Today the US will vote for Lend-Lease for Ukraine

The US House of Representatives will consider the law on Lend-Lease/Radio Liberty

The US Congress unanimously supported the Lend-Lease program for Ukraine, which will help speed up the supply of American weapons.

The Lend-Lease Act in Defense of Democracy in Ukraine today, April 27, at 14:00 ET (21:00 Kyiv time) will be considered by the Rules Committee of the US House of Representatives.

It is known that the last time such a program was used during World War II.

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What you need to know about the lend-lease program

The main idea of ​​the program is that it gives additional powers to the US President to use the available US military reserves and send them to Ukraine. And only then think about how to replenish these reserves.

Lend-Lease will speed up the transfer of important military equipment and other important supplies to Ukraine by reducing bureaucratic delays. The procedure allows for a de facto donation of weapons with provisions stipulating that the recipient countries will pay the United States later.

It is known that the United States took such a step for Ukraine because they believe that the Russian invasion is an existential threat to the liberal order. Washington also realized that the Ukrainian army could resist the invader.

After the Lend-Lease law for Ukraine is approved by the House of Representatives, according to the procedure, it will be sent to President Joe Biden for signature.

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