Toilet broke on the ISS

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Toilet broke on the ISS

A toilet on the International Space Station (ISS) broke down. RIA Novosti reports.

The malfunction occurred in the Russian Zvezda module. Experts from the Mission Control Center advised the cosmonauts to “leave everything as it is for now” and wait for instructions from the developers of the sanitation and sanitation device.

As a result, Russian cosmonauts use the toilet on the American segment.

The agency clarifies that the ISS now has Russian-made toilets in the Zvezda and Tranquility modules. Another, already American toilet, is planned to be installed at Tranquility later.

On August 20, it became known about an air leak in the Russian module of the ISS Zvezda. Currently, specialists have two versions of where the damage is: one of the possible areas of air leakage is located in the area of the broadband communication system, and the other is next to the pipelines. On the evening of October 9, Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner covered up possible sources of the leak with plasticine, but this did not help.

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