Top Secret US Drone Deployment Data Leaked To Press

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US Top Secret Drone Deployment Data Leaked To Press

RQ-170 Sentinel

The press has leaked official data on the deployment of top-secret US drones RQ-170 Sentinel. Writes about this edition of The Drive.

Mention of the recent deployment of the RQ-170 Sentinel was found in the official announcement of the visit of General Mark Kelly and Chief Master Sergeant Daydp Wade to the US Air Force base in Nevada. The Drive emphasizes that this is one of the first cases when the Air Force, on its own initiative, disclosed information about this drone.

It remains unknown where exactly the RQ-170 Sentinel were deployed. According to the author of The Drive, the timing of the deployment suggests that the drone is being used for reconnaissance in Iran or North Korea.

The existence of the RQ-170 Sentinel was recognized more than ten years ago, but all information about it is still classified. Most of the facts known to the public were disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the US Freedom of Information Act or as a result of leaks.

These drones are intended for reconnaissance and use stealth technology and have a wingspan of about 12 meters. The RQ-170 Sentinel has been confirmed to be used in Iran, South Korea, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is believed that the US Air Force has between 20 and 30 such devices.

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