Total defeat of Russia is unlikely, but a return of the situation by February 24 is possible – analyst


The complete defeat of Russia is unlikely, but the return of the situation by February 24 – is possible, – analyst

Analyst about the defeat of the Russian army/Channel 24 collage

No truce or silence can be negotiated with Russia. After all, Putin uses any such truce to prepare for a new war.


Director of the Army Research Center Valentin Badrak told Channel 24 about this. He also noted that during such a regime of “silence” Ukraine will be in critical dependence on the Western world.

But I'm not sure that Western partners will supply us with all the necessary weapons quickly enough, because it's all money. Now we are integrated into the common security system, we are protecting Europe and the entire continent. In the event of a truce, there may be completely different views,” Valentyn Badrak shares his concerns.

According to him, we remember how Ukrainian defenders found French thermal imagers in Russian T-72 tanks.

It should also be emphasized that the Russian Orlan drones contain not only American and Japanese parts, but also Swiss and German parts, Badrak adds.

“This whole situation does not look very good for us and < strong>if we are already focusing on a truce, then we should receive guarantees from each country separately, and we also need to launch parallel production of missiles – fortunately there are countries that understand this danger,” adds the director of the Army Research Center.< /p>

Valentin Badrak is convinced that we need Western weapons to defend Ukraine now.

If we beat the Russians, at least to the level of February 24, 2022 , then we could say that the Putin regime will not last and he, for me At least it will change. – the specialist is convinced.

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