Tough days ahead, military analyst


Tough days ahead , – military analyst

Russia will not stop at Donetsk and Luhansk regions/Getty Images . They are sending additional reserves not only from Russia.

Military analyst Sergei Grabsky said this on Channel 24. He noted that the Russians are removing equipment from storage, setting it up for combat.

“In support of my conclusions, there is the fact that due to heavy hostilities we are forced to move away from Izyum. The enemy began to establish crossings there through Seversky Donets, increasing pressure on our troops. Harsh days are ahead of us,” the analyst said. According to Grabsky, one should not assume that the Russians have abandoned their initial goals. The enemy did not reject his strategic task. We are talking about the destruction of Ukraine as a state and the destruction of Ukrainians as a people.

They will not be limited to Donbass. There is no need to please yourself with the opinion that the Donbass is the only goal. They will continue to advance,” Grabsky said.

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