Train collision in Greece: transport minister resigns, death toll rises

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Train collision in Greece: transport minister resigns, death toll rises

According to him, people “died unjustly.”

In Greece , Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Kostas Karamanlis has resigned. He wrote a statement in connection with the collision of trains in the central part of the country. The death toll has already risen to 36.

Reuters writes about it.

Karamanlis stated that he takes responsibility for the failures in the repair of the railway. According to him, people “have died unjustly due to shortcomings in the Greek state and political system over the years.”

“When something terrible happens, we cannot continue to behave as if it didn’t happen. I haven’t been involved in politics for many years, but I consider citizens’ trust in the political system an integral part of our democracy. This is called political responsibility,” the minister said.

By the way, due to the high temperature in one of the cars, it is difficult to identify the bodies. That is why 36 victims is not the final number, says the representative of the fire department Vassilis Vartakoyanis.

Train collision in Greece

On the night of March 1, in the Thesalia region in northern Greece, a passenger and freight train collided. The first was heading from Athens to the city of Thessaloniki, and the other from Thessaloniki to Larissa. There was a fire at the scene of the incident. According to rail operator Hellenic Train, there were 350 people on the passenger train. Initially, 16 dead and 85 injured were known.

Most of the dead were students in their 20s. The head of the Greek railroad union, Yannis Ditsas, said the alarm at the crash site was not working. However, the stationmaster denies any involvement.

The exact cause of the accident is currently unknown. “It was a very powerful clash,” said Kostas Agorastos, regional governor of the Thessaly region.

The police arrested the stationmaster. Charges will be announced soon. Two more people were detained for questioning.

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