Transfer of F-16 could be a good answer, – Lithuanian expert on US drone destruction


Transfer of F-16 could be a good answer, - Lithuanian expert on US drone destruction

The United States of America has provided huge military support to Ukraine since the first days of a full-scale war. This situation is unfavorable for the Russians, and they are looking for different ways to put pressure on American society.

This was told to Channel 24 by Lithuanian security expert Marius Laurinavichus. He is convinced that the Russians are trying to impose on the Americans an opinion about the dangers of military cooperation with Ukraine.

On March 12, it became known that Russian aircraft shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea.

This is an external escalation aimed at public opinion, primarily in America, the expert commented.

Russian manipulation

The other day, one of the main candidates for the US presidency, Ron DeSantis, said that America was focusing too much on military assistance to Ukraine in the “territorial dispute” with Russia. It also became known that the shares of some US banks fell to a record low.

Laurinavichus is convinced that Russia is trying to use this situation in the United States to show the American society that there is a high risk of a war between Russia and the United States.

This is being done so that society even more begins to think in the way that Russia needs, they say, it is not worth helping Ukraine. This is actually what Mr. Desantis said, – the speaker emphasized.

The point is that allegedly the United States should pay more attention to China, and let Europe worry about the situation in Ukraine.

Laurinavichus on US drone crash: watch video

Russia understands only the language of force

According to Laurinavičius, the United States of America will not respond to Russia with direct military action. He believes that in this case the best answer would be to announce the decision to transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in the coming days . In addition, this is now being actively discussed in the US government.

This would be Russia's real response to this escalation. Because you can only speak with Russia in the language of force,” the expert stressed.

Important! The Ukrainian military-political leadership tells the allies about the need to transfer Western F-16 fighters to defeat the enemy. The F-16 has much more powerful capabilities than the Su and MiG type aircraft and could improve the defense capability of the Ukrainian aviation in an unprecedented way.

He noted that not only in the United States, but also in the entire NATO alliance, there are much more forces than in Russia, so there is no risk of Russia's war against NATO.

“But you need to answer tough. Such an answer would be appropriate in this situation, you can think of others so that this incident does not go unanswered,” Laurinavičius summed up.

What is known about the fall of the US drone

  • Around 7 am on March 14, over the waters of the Black Sea, a Russian Su-27 fighter crashed into an American MQ-9 UAV, causing it to fall.
  • The cost of a combat unit with a complete set is 64.2 million dollars at the time of commissioning of the device.
  • First, the Russians said that the American UAV was allegedly moving in the direction of the Russian state border, in fact it was over neutral waters. Subsequently, the Russian Defense Ministry cynically stated that the US Air Force drone itself lost altitude and collided with the water surface, and the Russian fighters supposedly had nothing to do with it.

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