Transfer of Soviet MiG-29s from Warsaw to Ukraine 'still on the table' – Polish ambassador to US


Transfer of Soviet MiG-29s from Warsaw to Ukraine

Earlier, the USA opposed the transfer of fighters/Military

Polish Ambassador to the United States Marek Magerowski noted that Warsaw is still not averse to transferring MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. The proposal is still on the table, it remains to be approved by NATO.

Magerovsky said this at the Economic Club in Washington. He noted that there may have been a misconception about Polish fighters in the US. cke-markup”>I have the impression that the US had a notion about these Soviet-made fighters – how similar they are to those B52, Stratofortresses, which are mothballed somewhere in the middle of the desert in Nevada, covered in dust, but usable. Magerowski noted.

The ambassador assured that the fighters had been modernized several years ago and made up one third of Poland's combat aircraft fleet. That is why Warsaw cannot get rid of such a large number of aircraft without a proper replacement.

Poland wanted to transfer fighters to the NATO base

The diplomat noted that back in early March, Poland offered to transfer the MiG-29 to the Ramstein base in Germany. Then what to do with the planes, NATO had to decide. However, this idea was opposed by the American government. At the same time, Warsaw assured that the offer is still “on the table”.

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