Tried to cosplay: Stupak explained why in Russia there is no such volunteering as in Ukraine


Tried to cosplay: Stupak explained why there is no such volunteering in Russia as in Ukraine

In Russia, the volunteer movement to help its own army is poorly developed. They tried to copy the initiatives of the Ukrainians, but, of course, nothing happened.

ThisChannel 24 was told by a former SBU employee, an expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Ivan Stupak. According to him, although Ukraine is not a very rich state. But we are all rich not materially, but spiritually. Ukrainians are ready to help each other in difficult times.

Yes, we are a poor country. We are not rich materially, but rich spiritually. The Russians are the opposite. They have a lot of things. But spiritually they are homeless, Stupak noted.

Russians tried to copy Ukrainian volunteering

As Stupak noted, the story of donations for the army practically does not work in Russia. They tried to make cosplay for Ukrainian volunteering, but almost no one threw off the money.

The Russians had this initiative “from above” to the people, but no one responded to it. Ukrainians are completely different – they organized themselves, raised funds themselves and went to help the defenders and the state.

In Russia, this story is not developed. They did not have historically difficult moments when they needed to help each other. “To snitch” on someone – no questions asked. Here the teacher said something wrong at school – they “tricked” on her. Someone posted something on social networks – a “conscious” neighbor reports to the authorities. This they can. And it's free, Stupak stressed.

Propagandists constantly wash the Russians with inadequate information

  • Russian propagandists constantly produce a huge amount of absolutely wild and inadequate content for “ordinary Russians”. Each time they break through more and more new bottom.
  • Recently, Vladimir Solovyov, in all seriousness, openly thought that it was necessary to strike Britain with nuclear weapons for military assistance for Ukraine
  • And in one of the Russian The media published a material that allegedly introducing a “new religion” Bandera-paganism” in Ukraine. It is hard to imagine how the propagandists thought of such a fake.

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