Trolling continues: on the border with Belarus, the Ukrainians attached its correct flag


Trolling continues: on the border with Belarus, the Ukrainians attached its correct flag

Ukrainian border guards not only know how to spank Russian invaders, they also have an incredible sense of humor. Actually, therefore, it is not surprising that a white-red-white flag fluttered on the border between our state and Belarus.

On Tuesday, March 14, anonymous telegram channels reported that the flag of Free Belarus was hung by Ukrainian border guards near a checkpoint from the neighboring dictatorial state of Lukashenka. It is reported by Channel 24.

Trolling has no limits

It should be said that the white-red-white flag of Free Belarus President Lukashenko has forbidden to use in any form. Therefore, it is very witty that representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine decided to hang it on the border with Belarus along with the Ukrainian flag.

Flag of free Belarus on the border / Image from telegram channels

What you need to know about the white-red-white flag

It is worth saying that the flag of such colors was the state flag until 1995 in Belarus. Also in 1918, it was used by the authorities of the Belarusian People's Republic when the Russian Empire collapsed, and by protesters during rallies against the Lukashenka regime in 2020 and 2021. Probably, the origin of this flag is connected with the Battle of Grunwald of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania against foreign invaders at the beginning of the 15th century. Then the commander raised a white cloth bloodied with red and together with it led his army to victory. Source: Wikipedia

Scarecrow “Valera”

  • It should be mentioned in this topic that not so long ago, on March 12, people noticed a scarecrow on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, which they called “Valera”.
  • Note that it pretty much “scared” the henchmen of the Lukashenka regime, so they began to accuse Ukraine of allegedly psychological pressure. Subsequently, the network exploded with memes because of this.

Also, in the end, we note that for more than six months, talk has not subsided that Russia may launch another offensive from the territory of Belarus. Not so long ago, the speaker of the State Border Service, Andrei Demchenko, stated that such a development of events is very unlikely, but our state must be ready for all threats.

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