“Trump against everyone”: a US politician suggested whether the ex-president would be arrested


US ex-president Donald Trump said that he could be arrested on March 21 and called on people to protest. It is about the case of hiding money paid to women who spoke about sexual contact with him. But this story with the ex-president is an argument against capitalism.

Yes, in a commentary on Channel 24, a public and political figure from the United States, a deputy from Rock County in Wisconsin, Yuri Rashkin, said. He noted that there are judges in the United States who feel personally responsible for their conduct.

“How many people, how many judges were busy with cases against Trump. And only one, as we know, just absolutely” caved in “under him. All the rest refused him,” he said.

Rashkin is convinced that this is very important. He noted that the former US president will still have the opportunity to speak in court and prove his position if he is charged.

“No one will catch him if he does not leave,” said a public and political figure from the United States.

He suggested that US citizen Paul Whelan, accused of espionage, was being held in Russia in order to be exchanged for Donald Trump.

Trump will not “kick”

“If he says:“ I will be arrested, ”it means that he will not particularly“ kick, ”because he is not in New York now. He is in Florida now,” said the US politician.

He noted that Trump must agree to be transported from there to New York. Rashkin suggested that most likely, the former US president will appear, and subsequently he will be released.

Elon Musk spoke out, said if Trump is arrested, he will win by a giant margin in the elections in 2024. And this is a real threat, according to which everything happens, – said Yuri Rashkin.

He is convinced that Democrats and most Republicans would be glad that Donald Trump did not exist at all.

“After all, the state is trying to shift the responsibility for Trump to the voter, and the voter is not opposed to the state solving this problem,” said the deputy from Rock County in Wisconsin.

Can Donald Trump be arrested: watch the video

Donald Trump motto

Rashkin noted that for Trump, being an enemy of the state is part of the election motto.

Trump is against everyone, that is, against the law. And if he finds himself in the same situation as he was in 2016, when he was alone against everyone, perhaps he will be able to repeat this, he added.

Yuri Rashkin is convinced that the former US president does not exclude the possibility of being in the same position. “get to the top”.

“All the odds are against his victory. Biden is not even trying to announce that he will be re-elected. They are now delaying this announcement,” a public and political figure from the United States is convinced.

Why Biden is not announcing re-election

This is because, Rashkin believes, when a president announces that he plans to be re-elected, everything he does after that is viewed with a certain amount of suspicion. And that's exactly what Trump is counting on. Like, he is accused allegedly because he is a political candidate.

“And if Biden announces, then they can say that everything he proposes is because he wants to be voted for. So this is a card that plays both ways,” he said.

Can Donald Trump be prosecuted?

  • On January 6, 2021, there were riots in Washington. On that day, Congress was supposed to approve the election victory of President Joe Biden. However, Donald Trump assured that the elections were once again stolen from him.
  • He called on the people to fight for his victory. The politician was accused of sedition.
  • During the assault on the Capitol, 5 people were killed. Among them, in particular, one policeman.

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