Trump banned the deportation of Venezuelans from the United States

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Trump bans deportation of Venezuelans from the USA

Outgoing US President Donald Trump issued a few more executive orders before leaving the White House for good.

One of them took care of Venezuelan citizens living in the United States. The document for the next year and a half prohibits the deportation from the country of Venezuelans or stateless people who lived in the Bolivarian Republic before arriving in the United States. The ban will not only apply to those whom the US authorities consider to be threat criminals.

The second decree, signed by Trump less than a day before the end of his presidential term, orders to declassify documents that have not yet been released about the FBI surveillance of his campaign headquarters in 2016, TASS reports.

We will remind, as the site wrote, earlier he repeatedly stated that during the presidency of Barack Obama, the special services spied on his previous election campaign, suspecting of “ties with Russia.”

By the way, the day before, Trump issued a decree prohibiting government purchases of Russian and Chinese drones.

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