Trump-Biden debate canceled

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Trump-Biden debate canceled

The US Presidential Debate Commission has canceled the debate between incumbent leader Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden. It is reported by The Washington Post.

According to the commission, the campaigns of the two candidates made a series of statements regarding their respective positions about their willingness to participate in the virtual debate on October 15, and now each has announced alternative plans for that date. “It is now clear that there will be no debate on October 15,” the statement said.

It is also indicated that Trump and Biden agreed to participate in the debate scheduled for October 22.

The Trump-Biden debate, scheduled for October 15, was proposed to be held online, but the president did not agree to this. He noted that he feels great and is ready to debate. At the same time, Trump's headquarters agreed to postpone the second round to October 22.

At the same time, the third round of debates was originally scheduled for this day. He was also offered to be moved for a week and held 5 days before the elections – on October 29, but here Biden refused. Instead of the event scheduled for October 15, Biden will answer questions from voters, and Trump will hold a rally.

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