Trump blessed the purchase of TikTok

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Trump blessed the purchase of TikTok

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has approved Oracle's purchase of the US segment of the TikTok app. RIA Novosti reports.

Trump said he blessed the deal as it no longer has anything to do with China and is completely safe. He also said that under the agreement, $ 5 billion will be transferred to education as a donation.

Earlier it was reported that after purchasing the service, Oracle will become a technology partner of the Chinese ByteDance, which owns TikTok. The American corporation said it would become a “reliable technology supplier” rather than a buyer.

On August 23, it became known that the Chinese company ByteDance will sue the administration of the American president. This was a response to the measures of the American government. On August 6, Donald Trump signed two decrees prohibiting any transactions with ByteDance and the owner of the WeChat social network, Tencent. Both projects are developed by Chinese corporations. Washington believes that each of the applications “threatens national security, foreign policy and the US economy.”

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