Trump called the timing of the reconciliation of Israel with the Arabs

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Трамп назвал сроки примирения Израиля с арабами

United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel will sign a peace agreement in the U.S. for three weeks. Such terms are called American President Donald trump, reports The Times of Israel.

“I’m getting ready very soon to take them to the White house for the formal signing of the agreement. We will probably do that in the next three weeks”, — quotes the edition of his words.

August 13, trump announced that Israel and the UAE have reached a historic agreement by announcing normalization of bilateral relations. Countries agreed, under the mediation of the administration of the trump.

Under the deal, Israel will temporarily postpone the decision to extend its sovereignty on the territory on the West Bank of the Jordan river: according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the annexation will take place only in close coordination with the United States. It is reported that the Palestinian forces in Gaza and the West Bank has not recognized the Jewish state agreement with Emirates. According to the head of the United States, after reconciliation of a larger number of Arab countries with Israel, the Palestinians change their position

The UAE became the third Arab country to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel. Earlier peace agreement with the Jewish state reached Egypt and Jordan in 1979 and 1994 respectively.

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