Trump describes Biden's policies as “America in last place”

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Trump describes Biden's policies as

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump described the policies of the new American leader Joe Biden as “America in last place.” RIA Novosti reports.

According to Trump, Biden has had the most disastrous first month of all presidents in modern history. The former head of state noted that the democrat has already demonstrated that he is against jobs, family, borders, energy, women and science.

The ex-president also criticized Biden's policies on the world stage. He stressed that the United States cannot deal with solving the problems of the whole world, and spoke out against a multilateral approach. In addition, the former head of state added that due to Biden's actions on the US border, a new immigration crisis is brewing.

Earlier, Trump announced his unwillingness to create a new party. He noted that he has the Republican Party. Also, the former head of the White House expressed confidence that the Republicans in the next elections will demonstrate an unprecedented unity.

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