Trump refuses to sign corona aid program


Trump refuses to sign corona aid program

Outgoing US President calls for improvements

The outgoing US President Donald Trump has refused to sign the aid package against the Corona crisis passed by Congress. He described the bill on Tuesday in a video message published in the online service Twitter as a “disgrace” and demanded improvements.

Trump demanded significantly higher support payments to US citizens. The bill provides for checks of $ 600 for people particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis. The President called this amount “ridiculous”. He asked for payments of $ 2,000 or $ 4,000 for couples. Trump also criticized various payments abroad that are to be approved as part of the legislative package.

Trump called on Congress to submit a new bill for him to sign. The current draft came about after months of tough negotiations between Trump's Republicans and the opposition Democrats. It was passed by the House and Senate on Monday evening (local time).

Overall, the new aid package has a volume of around $ 900 billion (€ 740 billion). This includes allowances for the unemployed of $ 300 per week each. 25 billion are planned for the housing sector. In March, an economic stimulus program with a volume of 2.2 trillion. Dollar on the way and topped up in April.

The elected US President Joe Biden is aiming for another aid package in the coming year after the current aid package and praised the compromise between the political camps.

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