Trump Refuses to Testify in Congress at Impeachment Trial

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Trump Refuses to Testify in Congress at Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has refused to testify before the US Congress at his impeachment trial. This is reported by CNN with reference to Trump's lawyer David Schoen.

Schoen, in response to an invitation to Trump to speak in the Senate, sent by one of the prosecutors, Rep. Jamie Raskin, said that this was another “PR stunt”. He stressed that using the US Constitution for the so-called impeachment process is too serious a matter to play such games.

Jason Miller, an adviser to the former president, also confirmed that Trump will not testify in the “unconstitutional” process.

Earlier, members of the Democratic Party from the House of Representatives of the Congress said that Trump should be permanently banned from holding elected office, including the post of head of state. As noted by The Washington Post, Democrats, in their address to senators, noted that such measures would protect the American electoral system from any abuse by Trump in the future.

The impeachment process will begin after February 8. The resolution contains one article of the charge – incitement to rebellion. Trump became the first president in US history to be impeached twice.

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