Trump spoke about the envy of Russia and China

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Trump spoke about the envy of Russia and China

American leader Donald Trump said that the United States possesses “the most powerful weapon on Earth,” and Russia and China envy it. This is reported by TASS with reference to Fox News.

The head of the White House said that he has directed $ 2.5 trillion for military purposes. “We have restored the power of our armed forces, and we need it, we just have to look at China and Russia,” he said. Trump added that Beijing is now a greater threat to Washington than Moscow.

The US President also stressed that before him “no one has pursued such a tough policy towards Russia.”

In February, it was reported that Russia and China were identified as the main threats to the United States in the draft US budget for fiscal 2021. The White House proposed allocating $ 700 million to counter Russia. These funds will go to support US allies in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia and to strengthen common security. An additional $ 24 million is planned to be spent on combating “Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

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