Trump talks to former rival about his future job

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Trump talks to former rival about his future job

US President Donald Trump discussed his future job with billionaire Michael Bloomberg on Twitter.

The head of state in his account on the social network decided to comment on Bloomberg's failure in the presidential race. “Mini Mike Bloomberg made a fool of himself by losing miserably in the Democratic primaries,” Trump wrote.

He noted that the billionaire tried to buy himself a candidate seat, but in the end he lost and fell into depression and now gives money to Democrats in the hope of getting a job.

Bloomberg responded to this message with one sentence: “The only person who will have to look for work next year is you.”

Trump's message was triggered by the news that Bloomberg intends to allocate $ 100 million to support the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Florida. This state is traditionally considered a controversial one between the two parties, and according to the latest polls, Trump is ahead of Biden by 4 percent. Florida is also represented by one of the largest electoral colleges.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3. The Republican Party will elect incumbent President Donald Trump, and Democrats will support former Vice President Joe Biden.

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