Trump's lawyer accused Biden of son's drug addiction

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Trump's lawyer accused Biden of son's drug addiction

Rudy Giuliani

US President Donald Trump's lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani accused Democratic candidate Joe Biden of his son's drug addiction. He told about this in an interview with RT TV channel.

According to Giuliani, Hunter Biden never ended drugs. The lawyer noted that he has photographs proving the drug addiction of Biden's son. He stressed that the only person to blame for the fact that Hunter has had drug problems for 30 years is Joe Biden himself.

The former mayor said that the democrat did not allow his son to lead a normal life, but instead used him to collect bribes. He added that “a drug addict cannot be involved in deals with murderers and organized crime.”

Earlier, Lindsay Graham, chairman of the Congressional Senate Judiciary Committee, accused the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of “industrial scale” corruption. The senator recalled the statements of the former business partner of Hunter Biden – Tony Bobulinski – who claimed that Joe Biden was involved in their affairs. The politician plans to hold a hearing, during which he will ask the FBI why the bureau did not take any action for a whole year, having at its disposal Biden Jr.'s laptop.

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