Trump's mental health questioned

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Trump's mental health questioned

The US Congress questioned the physical and mental health of President Donald Trump and his suitability for work. It is reported by ABC News.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Ruskin intend to submit a bill to create a special commission that will assess Trump's health. This can be done by the 25th amendment to the Constitution. According to her, Congress can remove the president from his duties.

“The public needs to know about the president's health,” Pelosi said and promised to unveil the bill on Friday, October 9th.

Trump himself reacted immediately to Pelosi's statement. On his Twitter page, he wrote: “Crazy Nancy needs to be watched. It is not for nothing that they call her crazy! “

On the morning of October 2, it became known about Trump's infection with the coronavirus. His wife Melania also tested positive for coronavirus. The American leader spent some time at the medical center, and soon announced that he was feeling better and returned to the White House. Later, the president was found to have antibodies to the infection.

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