Trump's plans became known after impeachment

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It became known about the plans of Trump after the impeachment

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump intends to return to active political activity after the end of his impeachment procedure. These plans became known to the Politico newspaper.

Sources close to the former leader of the country said that Trump wants to strengthen his position in the Republican Party. As a former employee of the campaign headquarters of the former head of the White House explained, now the Republican Party is once again rallying around the ex-head of state.

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, Trump himself is confident that he will be acquitted by the Senate, and as a result of the trial, he will only strengthen his position in the party. His former aides believe that the impeachment process has so far turned out to be more in his hands. He also caused a wave of indignation among the rank and file members of the party.

Trump supporters believe impeachment allows the former president to track down the defectors and take action against them. At the same time, the indignation of ordinary party members only strengthens support for Trump.

The publication emphasizes that Trump deliberately does not make any important statements while the proceedings in the Senate continue. One of Trump's former aides suggested that the former American leader is thus trying to demonstrate indifference to what is happening in Congress.

Earlier, the US Senate recognized the constitutionality of the Trump impeachment process. In total, according to the results of the vote, 56 senators agreed that the impeachment procedure was in accordance with the basic law of the country, 44 lawmakers opposed. At the same time, the Republicans who voted against made it clear that they intend to achieve acquitting the former president. Trump needs 67 votes in the Senate to be impeached.

On February 9, the Senate began a second impeachment trial against Trump. On January 14, the House of Representatives voted to impeach the former owner of the White House in connection with the riots in Washington. Democrats motivate the decision to impeach Trump, among other things, by the fact that after the process is over, he will not be able to run for president. This is the first time the US has attempted to remove a state leader from office after the end of his presidential term.

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