Trump's staff responds to predictions of Biden's victory

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Trump's staff responds to predictions of Biden's victory

The campaign headquarters of aspiring US President Donald Trump ruled out the likelihood of victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and noted a number of violations in several states. Supporters of the incumbent head of the White House expressed their position in a widespread statement.

The headquarters noticed that the elections were not over yet. “The mispredictions for Joe Biden's victory are based on results in four states that are still far from final,” Trump's team replied. The press service of the headquarters expressed confidence that during the recount in Georgia, “improperly collected” ballots will be revealed. Headquarters officials also pointed to many violations in the states of Pennsylvania and Nevada. They added that they believe in Trump's victory in Arizona as well.

The statement predicts that Trump will certainly be re-elected for a second term in the recount.

Earlier it became known that Joe Biden bypassed the current head of state Donald Trump in the elections in the key state of Pennsylvania for the victory. It was reported that 95 percent of the votes have already been counted. On the Trump side, 49.3 percent of voters, on the Biden side – 49.4. The winner will get 20 electoral votes at once, 270 is required to win.

In the United States, the counting of votes for candidates for the post of head of the White House continues. Election day was November 3, but this year, due to the pandemic, voters could also vote by mail, requesting a ballot in advance. In total, at the moment, Biden has at least 253 electoral votes, Trump has 213. Despite the fact that the final results of the presidential election are not yet, Trump immediately congratulated his voters on the victory. Biden's headquarters have also repeatedly expressed confidence in victory.

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