Truss is the new Prime Minister of Britain: Davydyuk called the condition under which “everything will be perfect” for Ukraine


Trass – new British Prime Minister: Davydyuk named the condition under which for Ukraine "everything will be perfect"

The appointment of Liz Truss as the new head of the British government will have a positive impact on Ukraine. The prime minister will continue the policy of supporting our country, which was pursued by the conservative party.

Such an opinion Channel 24political scientist Mykola Davydyuk said. He noted that the UK understands the strategic importance of our state in the confrontation against the “greatest criminals of this century”.

What are the conditions of the “ideal scenario” for Ukraine

< p> According to the political scientist, it is important that the head of British foreign intelligence, Richard Moore, and the head of the Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, also remain in their positions.

Davidyuk explained.

He added that we should not only “hope on Britain”, but also show results on the battlefield.

“A very important aspect is that Britain has recharged and moved on without conflict and tension”, – the political scientist noted.

Davidyuk commented on the appointment of Truss as Prime Minister of Britain: watch the video

What will happen to Johnson

According to Davidyuk, Boris Johnson aims to “outplay Churchill.” Yes, the former prime minister of Britain is young enough to be able to repeat his exploits.

There was widespread opinion that Johnson could take the post of NATO Secretary General, but Stoltenberg re-signed the contract. “We can model, but how realistic it is is still a question mark,” the political scientist said.

It is important that he will still be present as a political leader in orbit. I think, even without being a prime minister, he will come to Ukraine and will support and help us. Davidyuk said.

Moreover, he will be able to help Ukraine communicate with other Western leaders, in particular, to ask for weapons, money, political pressure and diplomatic isolation for Russia for us. “Even without a position, this will be one of the most influential people in the world who will be on our side and will help“, the political scientist stressed.

Truss called Zelensky

The new head of the British government, Liz Truss, fulfilled her promise and, after being elected, phoned Vladimir Zelensky. The Ukrainian president became the first foreign politician with whom Truss spoke.

Volodymyr Zelensky told the details of the conversation with the British Prime Minister and stressed that this conversation is a great honor for Ukraine. Thus, the leaders discussed how to increase pressure on Russia and increase defense support for our state.

The President noted that he had heard very weighty words about our cooperation, and about future security guarantees for Ukraine, and about the restoration of our state .

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