Trust your people: the most difficult in negotiations with the Russians is ahead


Trust its own: the most difficult thing in negotiations with the Russians is ahead

Ukraine will win/Office of the President of Ukraine

Negotiations – this is a very applied thing that can change the trajectory. Those whose eyes and ears transmit signals first to the brain, and not immediately to the mouth, can easily be convinced. The key thesis: everything will be decided on the battlefield.

Russia has been knocked down

At first, the Russian side traditionally puffed out its cheeks and spoke through its lips. Then Lavrov became nervous about the fact that the Ukrainian side had treacherously moved away from previously agreed positions.

Then the dialogue lost its rhythm and moved into the stage of an exchange of comments. You can evaluate the dynamics of the tone of the comments yourself.

After that, the Russian side began to itch about the unconstructive behavior of the Ukrainian delegation.

Then the Kremlin began to say in plain text that it was ready for negotiations when “insolent ” Kyiv will decide to return to the process.

Now European figures have begun to broadcast about an immediate ceasefire and the rapid start of negotiations (in the interests of Russia) …

What is all this for?

If at this stage, for the needs of the negotiation process in the interests of Ukraine, it will be necessary to involve the creative genius of Mikhail Mikhailovich Poplavsky, he will immediately be appointed head of the delegation.

The delegation can be reinforced by Dr. Komarovsky, the scientific team of the National Antarctic Center and other respected people. Which will solve the problem at a specific stage of negotiations.

Therefore, I repeat once again – trust yours. Trust yours.

It may well turn out that the interests of Ukraine will diverge from the interests of the partners on whose help we depend. The further, the more.

At this moment, especially remember – trust yours.

It will be extremely difficult to defend our position. If it seems to you that you can negotiate better, take a break.

Everything is complicated

Elements of negotiation tactics can solve a problem that is not obvious to you. We have hundreds of people in captivity.

We have thousands of people (civilians) in basements, many under torture. We need weapons and money.

Turkey's position on Sweden and Finland in NATO should hint that the situation is not linear, even where everything seems obvious.

Therefore, the point of application of criticism should be abroad .

No need to put pressure on those who are already under terrible pressure. The negotiators, like the army, need support.

Strong rear

Political-diplomatic front means political-diplomatic rear. There must be order in the rear.

The fuss of some Western leaders about negotiations is both a positive and a wake-up call.

The war is a consequence of Russia's failure to resolve its issues at the negotiating table in 2019-2021. Even despite the fact that the interests of partners often coincided with the interests of the Kremlin, and the pressure was terrible.

Occupant's goals

It is now obvious that the war also does not allow Moscow to achieve its goals. Therefore, efforts are growing to fix a favorable position for Russia (when it captured 4.5 regions + Crimea) before the pause and before the rollback begins.

Our maneuver may be tried to be limited. Don't be a part of these attempts.

We've gone through about 20 of the 30 or so critical days. So far, everything is predictable.

There is more public negativity, there are tragic situations, but there are signs of strengthening the defense, including due to heavy Western weapons. Until the end of May, there will certainly be an emotional swing. We must endure

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