Turkey disowned the invasion of Armenia and Greece

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Turkey disowned the invasion of Armenia and Greece

Hayal Muazzin and Ismail Hakky Beijing

Talk that Ankara has partially implemented its secret plan to invade Armenia and Greece are unfounded. This was stated in an interview with Lenta.ru correspondent Khayal Muazzin, the former head of the intelligence department at the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces Ismail Hakky Beijing.

According to him, the assistance of the Turkish side to Azerbaijan during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh cannot be called an invasion. “Turkey sent a military adviser and some equipment, the Turkish military [in the war] did not participate. (…) The purpose of the aid was Azerbaijan's return of its occupied lands, there was no talk of seizing the Armenian territory, “Beijing disowned.

The former intelligence chief also pointed out that Turkey as a whole “does not want to seize foreign lands, but will defend itself” in the event of threats. This also applies to the conflict with Greece, he stressed. “We are not enemies with them, they just have many demands on Turkey, and this infringes upon our rights. Turkey has clearly and clearly said that if our rights are violated in the Aegean Sea, we will regard it as a military act. Like all countries, Turkey has its own plans for the war, this is quite normal, ”he explained.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Greece to “know its place” in resolving the situation in divided Cyprus. In December 2020, Ankara, which together with Russia participated in the process of resolving the conflict in Karabakh, spoke about the advantages of Armenia's defeat.

The secret plan for the invasion of Greece and Armenia, which was developed by the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, became known in 2020. The corresponding secret document was found in the materials of the court case on the attempted military coup in Turkey in 2016, where it was mistakenly included by the investigator.

For the first time, contradictions over the Eastern Mediterranean arose in 1974 – then a coup d'etat took place in Cyprus, associated with an attempt by Greece to annex the island. Turkey sent troops to the north of Cyprus and proclaimed a Turkish Cypriot federal state there, later it was renamed the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The rest of the island is now under the control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey has repeatedly called for joint development of deposits by Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, allowing for cooperation with Russia.

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