Turkey is not going to produce Bayraktar jointly with Russia


Turkey is not going to to produce Bayraktar jointly with Russia

Russia may forget about the joint production of Bayraktar/Channel 24 Collage

Russians encroached on Turkish drones, actively introducing new names into the lists of “good Russians”. The hopes of the occupiers have failed miserably – no one wants to have anything to do with them.


Russian propagandists tried to lie that they would cooperate with the Turkish company Baykar, which produces Bayraktar UAVs and hand over several of them for Ukraine free of charge. In fact, the Turkish company flatly refused to work with the invaders and promised that the Russians would not have any of their drones.

Turkey does not plan any cooperation with Russia on the production of drones

According to the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Department Ismail Demir, the statements of the Russians do not correspond to reality. So far, there is not even any talk of any cooperation with Russia on the production of drones.

There is nothing that would be on our agenda and work would start on. This process is formed within the framework of Turkey's policy. We will work on the technical aspect of the issue,” he said.

Why the Russians are afraid of Bayraktar

The Bayraktar strike drone has already inflicted heavy losses on the Russian occupiers. It can rise to a height of 8 kilometers and drop anti-tank bombs on the enemy.

With its help, our heroes managed to destroy an insane amount of Russian equipment. Recall that the company will give the Ukrainian Armed Forces free of charge three drones, for which the Ukrainians raised money, and one more, for which our Polish friends raised funds.

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