Turning off the light for non-payment of debts: will consumers who ignore payments be de-energized


Power off for non-payment of debts: will consumers who ignore bills be cut off

In the conditions of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, many residents of cities and villages were forced to leave their homes for security reasons. There is no need to worry about having to pay for light that you have not used.

Consumers pay only for the electricity they use. This was announced by the CEO of YASNO Sergey Kovalenko.

If a person does not consume electricity, then he does not pay

In order to avoid charges for electricity that was not used, meter readings should be transmitted. If the consumer does not report them, the network will automatically calculate the average amount based on the consumption of the previous month or year.

At the same time, you should not worry, explains the CEO of YASNO. If a person who did not use electricity nevertheless transmits the meter readings after a while, then an automatic recalculation will occur and nothing will be required to pay.

Sergey Kovalenko added that no sanctions are being taken under martial law. That is,lights will not be turned off for non-payment of debts.

However, we note that the company is asking consumers not to ignore payments and pay in a timely manner, because the debt to the electricity supplier slows down the renewal of the Ukrainian energy system. At the same time, the CEO of YASNO added that the Ukrainians are still doing a good job with this.

The level of payments has grown every month and I am grateful for this to every consumer who does this, – said Sergey Kovalenko.

Why electricity bills remained almost unchanged during stabilization outages

  • The regional energy authorities explained why electricity bills remained practically unchanged. According to the employees, the reduction in electricity consumption was insignificant.
  • We are talking about reducing the use of electricity by only 10 to 20 percent. The regional energy authorities noted that Ukrainians make the most of electricity when it appears.
  • In particular, they turn on all energy-consuming devices at the same time, ignoring the requests of power engineers. In addition, due to a sharp cold snap, consumers heat the room with electric heaters, which also require a lot of light.

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