Turtle found in the Galapagos turns out to be a member of the species considered to be extinct

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Moscow. 26 of May. INTERFAX.RU – Genetic tests have confirmed that the giant turtle found in the Galapagos Islands belongs to a species that, as scientists previously believed, became extinct more than a hundred years ago.

As noted by the BBC, the female was found during the 2019 expedition to Fernandina Island. The researchers found footprints and droppings on the island that they believe indicate the presence of other similar turtles in the wild.

Scientists compared the samples of the found turtle with the remains of a male of the species Chelonoidis phantasticus. The last time a representative of this species was met in 1906. Samples have shown that this is one species.

Currently, a unique animal, which, according to experts, is more than 100 years old, is in a special breeding center on the island of Santa Cruz.

The Directorate of the National Park of the Galapagos Islands say that an expedition to Fernandina is planned in order to find relatives of the unique reptile.

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