Twitter began to fight the repost of Trump's statements

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Twitter began to fight the repost of Trump's statements

Twitter began to block accounts created for reposting statements of former US President Donald Trump, who was forever banned from the social network. The administration of the microblogging service does not want to provide him with a platform even in this way.

The blocking of the DJTDesk account, which published statements from the official website of Donald Trump, was reported by NBC News. The account was created only on May 6, shortly after the launch of the personal platform of the ex-president From the Desk of Donald J. Trump (“From the desktop of Donald Trump”). Despite the postscript in the account description that the tweets were not posted by Trump himself, he was deleted a few hours after registration.

At the same time, Twitter said that they will continue to fight accounts that deliberately promote content blocked for violating the rules of the user community.

Donald Trump spokesman Jason Miller said that the DJTDesk account appeared on Twitter without the permission of the former American leader. He also denied the involvement of the staff of the ex-president's headquarters in its creation. Meanwhile, a few days earlier, while presenting the platform, Miller emphasized that it would be possible to repost posts from there to other social networks for commenting – there is no feedback on the site itself. As it turned out, the Twitter administration had its own opinion about this method of bypassing blocking.

According to the BBC, after the blocking of the DJTDesk account on Twittere, several more similar accounts were found that repost Trump's statements. Three of them have already been removed by Twitter: DJTrumpDesk, DeskofDJT and DeskOfTrump1.

How Trump was banned

The need for his own tribune arose from Trump after protests against the results of the presidential election in January, when dozens of demonstrators stormed the Capitol. The riots began on January 6, when the Senate, sitting in the Capitol, was supposed to approve the election results and Joe Biden's victory.

The very next day, Twitter, first temporarily and then permanently, blocked Trump's account, seeing in his posts incitement to violence and extremism. Twitter's example was followed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. However, on the same Facebook, after a while, the page of the ex-president again became available for viewing.

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