Twitter bought a service to block ads on sites

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Twitter bought a service to block ads on sites

IT giant Twitter bought Scroll, a subscription service that lets you watch partner news sites without ads.

The Scroll service launched in January 2020 on mobile and desktop. Its users get access to the sites of editions without ads, pop-ups, etc., and editions – a part of the money for each visitor.

A Scroll subscription costs $ 5 per month. The service takes $ 1.5 from the subscription fee. The rest is distributed among the publishers in proportion to the time that the user has spent on their sites. Hundreds of publications have become partners of the service, including The Atlantic, The Verge, BuzzFeed News.

If a user of the Scroll service visits the site of only one publication within a month, then it will receive all the $ 3.5. Twitter VP of Products Mike Park noted that publishers working with Scroll will be able to generate more revenue than traditional on-page ads. The top manager did not disclose financial details of the deal.

Park added that Scroll will be part of Twitter subscriptions, so the service has temporarily stopped new user registrations. The social network has promised to support the current clients of Scroll and its partners.

Earlier, “Secret” wrote that the first paid feature will appear on Twitter – Super Follow. Users will be able to charge subscribers for additional exclusive content, just like platforms like Patreon do.

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