Twitter gave users a chance to re-read offensive replies before submitting

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Twitter gave users a chance to re-read offensive replies before submitting

Twitter has begun prompting users to review and correct “potentially dangerous and offensive” responses before submitting. Testing of such hints began back in 2020.

The company noted that people on Twitter use the platform to discuss current events and sometimes write something that they will later regret. To prevent such cases, the social network decided to give users a chance to re-read their answer, which could contain swearing, aggressive statements or insults.

After testing and improving prompts that ask you to review a potentially harmful or offensive reply, we learned that this feature can help encourage more meaningful convos.

We're now rolling out these prompts on iOS and soon Android.

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) May 5, 2021

In the early stages of testing, algorithms often did not take into account the communication style between specific people and did not distinguish between offensive phrases, sarcasm, and friendly banter. During the experiment, Twitter specialists worked on fixing such errors.

As a result, it turned out that every third (34%) user who noticed the hint changed the original answer or did not send it at all. At the same time, after the first notification, users wrote on average 11% fewer offensive messages.

The systems now take into account the nature of the relationship between the participants in the discussion. The developers also improved the technology for detecting profanity and simplified the procedure for obtaining feedback. Since May 5, the function has worked for all English-speaking accounts on the social network. Users of devices on iOS will be the first to access it, and then on Android.

In addition, Twitter has introduced another new option. Now, in messages with one attached image, the preview of the image is displayed in its entirety, and not in a cropped format. This innovation should give users a better idea of what exactly is shown in the photo, as well as reduce the number of awkward situations when the algorithm does not quite correctly crop the image for preview, explained The Verge.

At the end of April, Twitter launched testing of business accounts. The new feature will allow companies and non-profit organizations to post more information about their activities on their pages.

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