Twitter no longer threatened with blocking?

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Twitter no longer threatened with blocking?

You can still follow the tweets of your favorite celebrities!

On May 17, Roskomnadzor took mercy and refused to completely block the social network. Recall that in early March, Roskomnadzor decided to block the service if Twitter does not delete the prohibited information presented on the site by May 15.

Twitter no longer threatened with blocking?

Fortunately, the management of the social network listened to the requirements and got rid of inappropriate materials. So the blocking of the social network is no longer threatened.

Although we may still experience a slowdown in the official mobile app, the social network will not slow down on computers. It remains to wait until the restrictions are completely lifted!

Roskomnadzor drew attention to other social networks, where it also found illegal materials and asked to remove them. If the services do not meet the requirements, then they can repeat the fate of Twitter. So don't be surprised if YouTube and Facebook start blocking some of your content.

Let's be happy for Twitter and hope that our other favorite social networks will not be blocked!

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