Twitter will redesign due to user complaints about headaches

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Twitter will redesign due to user complaints about headaches

The developers of the social networking site Twitter have promised to change the new design after users complained of headaches and excessive eye strain. The update began to be criticized almost immediately after its release on August 11th. Users didn't like Twitter's own font, new follow button color, and contrast.

The company decided to switch to its own Chirp font, recolor the subscription button from blue to black and increase the contrast. However, users criticized the innovations. The Gizmodo portal drew attention to the negative reaction that followed the new design of the social network.

One user with an autism spectrum disorder stated that the removal of lines and the increased contrast of the images made the site “extremely inconvenient” to use. He explained that the more time he spends on Twitter, the more the image gets blurred.

Another social media user reported that he cannot read the text in Chirp at all, and does not know what to do when Twitter is updated on his smartphone. Users also noticed that the new design often leads to headaches and exacerbates the symptoms of astigmatism.

Twitter developers themselves asked users to report cases of migraines or eye strain due to the new font. The company admitted that they encountered errors in the display of certain details. Due to massive criticism, Twitter said it would listen to users' opinions and change the contrast of the buttons to make them easier to see.

A Twitter spokesman then told TechCrunch that the company would continue to monitor reviews and improve the product. He added that the developers initially asked users with disabilities for feedback, but people had different preferences and needs.

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