Two people killed in Quebec after attack by a man with a knife

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In Quebec, two people were killed after attack by a man with a knife

In Quebec, Canada, a man with a knife killed two people and wounded at least five more. It is reported by the CBC TV channel.

The attack took place in the late evening of October 31 (early morning November 1 Moscow time). Two victims of the perpetrator were killed. Five more people were hospitalized.

According to the Quebec police, the killer was dressed in a medieval costume and armed with melee weapons. The incidents took place in the Parliament Hill area in the central part of the province. Its residents were asked to stay at home.

Later, law enforcement agencies reported that they had detained a suspect in the attack. However, residents of the area where the attack took place were asked not to go outside for their safety.

The October 31 incident was the second armed attack in Quebec in recent days. On October 29, in the provincial capital of Montreal, police shot and killed a 30-year-old man with a knife.

The black man did not have time to injure anyone. The police received an emergency 911 call and arrived at the scene. There, law enforcement officers saw a man walking towards a police car with a knife. When he rushed with weapons at them, the police shot and killed the attacker.

There were three attacks in France on October 29. In Nice, a man attacked the parishioners of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, killing three people. In Avignon, an unknown person threatened passers-by with a knife, and in Lyon a man was arrested who was brandishing a knife at a tram stop. On October 31, an unknown person opened fire near an Orthodox Greek church in Lyon. As a result, the priest was wounded, he was hospitalized in serious condition.

Two people killed in Quebec after attack by a man with a knife

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