Two residential buildings were destroyed in the Lviv region due to fires

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In the Lviv region because of the fires destroyed two houses

In the Lviv region as a result of fires destroyed two wooden houses. The size of the first building was about 10×6 m, and the second – 5×10 m.

According to the State Emergency Situations Service, the first fire occurred in the village of Opaka in a house on Shevchenko Street, 25, Drohobych District.

 Two residential buildings were destroyed due to fires in Lviv region

The fire destroyed the building, but two other houses were saved from damage. To extinguish the flame, 10 rescuers and three units of special equipment were involved.

The second fire occurred in the village of Golovskoye, Drohobych district. A 5×10 m wooden house flared up. Before the arrival of the rescuers, the neighbors managed to take the owner out of the building.

The fire destroyed a residential building, but rescuers saved two more buildings from destruction. Two links of the gas and smoke protection service were able to extinguish the fire 1.5 hours after receiving a message to the rescue service.

No one was injured as a result of the outbreak. Law enforcers are investigating all the circumstances of the fires in the Lviv region.

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