Two walkie-talkies “to zero”: fundraising continues for 102 brigades from Ivano-Frankivsk


Two walkie-talkies

Military 102 brigades from Ivano-Frankivsk “at zero” defend Ukraine from Russian infidels. Now the defenders need walkie-talkies – that's why they need our help.

Radio collection for the military “at zero”

Channel 24 journalist Sofia Troshchuk opened a collection for the purchase of walkie-talkies. So far, we have managed to collect almost 20,000 hryvnias, but we still need 80,000 hryvnias. This is not the first time our readers have helped close an important meeting for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we believe they will help this time as well.

We are raising funds on the radio for 102 brigades from Ivano-Frankivsk. The guys are at zero, you need two motorolas. The issue price is 80,000 hryvnias, there are already almost 20,000 hryvnias,” Sophia Troshchuk wrote.

At the forefront, a different sense of time is important every hour, every day, so you need to buy and transfer walkie-talkies as quickly as possible.

p> To transfer funds, follow the link on Monobank – it's here.

Remember that every hryvnia is important, every closed fundraiser brings us closer to victory.

Military 102 brigades on the front line/Facebook photo by Sophia Troshchuk

By the way, on Independence Day, Ukrainians collected 5 million in a day hryvnia for the rehabilitation of the military from Azovstal – we never cease to admire our nation.

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