Tybars of Russians began to leave Crimea in panic, – Chubarov on the consequences of the explosion in Novofedorivka


Tybarov of Russians began to leave Crimea in panic, – Chubarov about the consequences of the explosion in Novofedorovka

Chubarov about the panicked escapes of Russians from Crimea after the explosions/Collage of Channel 24

After a powerful explosion in Novofedorovka in the occupied Crimea, thousands of Russians decided to flee en masse. Previously, a video was shown on the network of Russians standing in traffic jams in tears and panic.


Refat Chubarov, chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, spoke about the Russians fleeing Crimea Channel 24. He drew attention to the behavior of Russian vacationers.

According to him, it is noticeable as soon as from one attack, thousands of Russians began to leave Crimea in panic.

I am sure that among these several thousand cars that stood in traffic for hours in the direction of the Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait, there were families of local individuals. occupation prosecutors, etc. Chubarov noted.

In his opinion, the Russians feel that they appeared there (in the occupied Crimea – 24 channels) illegally.

He stressed , no matter what anyone says, but the direction is already clear – the path to the liberation of Crimea from Russian occupation.

It is interesting that, according to statistics, about 600 thousand Russians settled in Crimea during the 8 years of occupation.

By the way, we used to publish a video of Russians complaining and crying because that they have to leave their homes and flee from Crimea to Russia. There you can see that the Russians are leaving en masse with trunks full of things, so they probably do not plan to return.

What is known about the explosions in Crimea : in short

  • On August 9, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, a “pop” sounded at the Russian air base near Novofedorovka. It was about a military airfield from where fighters and bombers attacking the south of Ukraine take off.
  • The network showed a full video of explosions at an airfield in Crimea. As a result of the attack, the planes were destroyed, and windows in houses a kilometer from the epicenter flew out.
  • However, the occupiers began to come up with numerous versions of various reasons that could explain the explosions and thick smoke. Finally they explained this as a violation of fire safety.

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