U.S. proposes to make Russia's threat of famine a war crime


USA they propose to recognize the threat of famine by Russia as a war crime

Russia is to blame for the inability of Ukraine to export food/Collage of Channel 24

The US continues to react sharply to the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. And blocked ports and the inability of our state to export products are called the creation of artificial famine.

Therefore, the US Senate made a proposal to accuse Russia of yet another war crime. We are talking about the threat of famine not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. The corresponding idea appeared in a resolution published by US lawmakers.

Civilians are suffering from the food crisis

A related policy document sharply condemns Russia's lockdown Ukrainian ports.These actions, emphasized in the Senate, make it impossible to export grain crops to other states.

And this, the authors of the resolution emphasize, is a deliberate act of Russia. Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, one of the initiators of this project, emphasized that civilians are the first to suffer from this.

Putin continues to show his promiscuity to the world by blockading Ukrainian ports and destroying the agricultural sector, trying to starve those Ukrainians who survived his indiscriminate bombing . he stressed.

Menendez added that he was proud that he and his colleagues adopted this resolution. She, the Democratic Senator emphasizes, is a sign that the Senate continues to respond to the crisis that occurred as a result of a full-scale invasion.

He noted that now it is important to join forces to deal with the challenges associated with the supply of products . In addition, it is important to “bring the despot” Vladimir Putin to justice.The leader of the aggressor country, which decided that hunger is another type of weapon in this war.

The United States will help the affected countries

Other representatives of the Democrats expressed their views in the resolution, as well as Republicans. They noted that all those involved in creating artificial famine should be held accountable.

Moreover, US President Joe Biden should publicly condemn Putin's actions.After all, it is on his instructions that a food crisis is created. And it's completely artificial. The document also provides that the United States will help eliminate the problems of hunger in those countries that are now threatened by it because of the war in Ukraine.

Russia is blackmailing hunger to ease sanctions

Let's start with the fact that experts have calculated what the situation is now with grain around the world. So, according to the general director of the agricultural analytical company Gro Intelligence Sarah Manker, there is only 10 weeks of wheat left. And this means that about half a billion people on our planet may face hunger.

Meanwhile, the United States does not believe in “safe corridors” in the Black Sea. Recall that Russia promises them in return for the easing of sanctions that have been imposed on it since the beginning of the war. State Department spokesman Ned Price stressed that the aggressor country simply continues to crumble with empty promises.

Note that the United Kingdom and the United States have already opposed the easing of sanctions. Representatives of these states consider it unacceptable that food and energy have become weapons in the hands of Russia. And it is their aggressor country that is actively trying to use not only against Ukraine, but also the whole world.

Russia itself does not stop throwing cynical statements and spreading fakes. Information appears on the network that it is Ukraine that is “guilty” of the food crisis. Moreover, the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country has already “charged” 8.7 million of our citizens suffering from hunger in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

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