U.S. says Russian fighter jet collided with drone 'unintentional': State Department


U.S. says Russian fighter jet collided with drone 'unintentional': State Department

The US State Department commented on how a Russian Su-27 fighter could collide with their MQ-9 Reaper drone. The United States tried to explain Russia's actions.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price again said the actions of the Russian pilots were dangerous and unprofessional. He also added that this could “provoke a much larger incident.”

What the US State Department says about the downing of their drone

Ned Price stated that the downing of their MQ-9 Reaper drone was likely “an unintended act on the part of Russia” .

This was probably due to the deep incompetence of one of the Russian pilots. – said the speaker of the US State Department.

In addition, Ned Price assured that:

  • finally, it doesn't matter, because the actions of the Russian aircraft caused the United States to sink the drone;
  • “It could have provoked a much bigger incident, in this situation or others.”

It should be noted that the US military has already said that the incident with their drone demonstrates “the incompetence, as well as the danger and unprofessionalism of the Russian side.”

Our MQ-9 aircraft was performing normal operations in international airspace when it was intercepted and shot down by a Russian aircraft, which led to the crash and total loss of the MQ-9. In fact, this dangerous and unprofessional action by the Russians almost led to the crash of both planes, said US Air Force General James Hecker.

In addition, the US Air Force clarified that a Russian Su-27 fighter crashed into the propeller of an American drone. Because of this, the MQ-9 Reaperc crashed.

James Hecker added that US and allied aircraft will continue to fly in international airspace. Russia was urged to behave “professionally and safely”.

Russian Su-27 shot down an American MQ-9 drone: briefly

  • The European Command of the US Armed Forces reported that at approximately 7 am on March 14, a Russian Su-27 crashed into an MQ-9 drone. Therefore, US forces sank the MQ-9 in international waters.
  • The incident occurred during a flight over the international waters of the Black Sea. The United States said that several times before the collision, 2 Russian Su-27 aircraft tried to intercept the drone by dropping fuel.
  • According to the US, the Russian Su-27 was also damaged, but managed to land. An American drone shot down by a Russian fighter was not found and could not be recovered from the Black Sea.
  • It should be noted that the States called the Russian ambassador to the United States. White House spokesman John Kirby said officials had given the ambassador a stern warning that the Kremlin needed to be careful flying in international airspace near US assets. About the reaction of the Americans to the first military clash between Russia and the United States – read here.

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