Ukraine asks the US for ATACMS: how they will change the situation at the front and what other missiles we need


Ukraine asks US for ATACMS: how are they will change the situation at the front and what other missiles do we need

Ukraine needs long-range missile weapons, which will allow it to hit targets deep in the rear of the Russian occupiers. This will significantly worsen the enemy's logistical capabilities and allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue successful counter-offensive operations.

Today, Ukraine can consider three possible types of missiles that the Ukrainian military can receive from its American partners. About this 24 channelsRoman Svitan, military expert, instructor pilot and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said.

What Ukraine can get

The expert assured that the United States will “will definitely give” new missiles to Ukraine , but the question arises about their types and the speed of such deliveries.

The list of positions on missiles that we announced is really from 100 kilometers and beyond. There are three items that we can discuss: ATACMS missiles, new US PrSM missiles, as well as Tomahawk missiles,” he explained.

According to him, ATACMS APU missiles can strike at a distance of from 270 to 310 kilometers , which will depend on their modification. These missiles use the launch platforms HIMARS, MLRS and MARS – which the Armed Forces already have in their arsenal and work with m31 missiles with a range of 85 kilometers.

As for the PrSM missiles, then this is a new American development, which can also work on HIMARS platforms. Swithan stressed that such missiles have a declared range of from 499 kilometers and more.

The observer added that the supply of Tomahawk missiles was also “discussed for more than one month” strong> .

“This position was hinted at by head Zaluzhny, who confirmed this in a letter before the last Ramstein that negotiations were underway on the so-called “parity weapons”– that is, missiles of the Tomahawk level, with a range of 2000 – 2500 kilometers. They can reach the Urals, the Urals, all industrial military enterprises that can be hit by such missiles,” the colonel said.

Which weapon will change the course of the war against Russia: watch the video< /p>

The Problem of Launchers

The specialist noted that in the process of supplying such types of weapons, it is important to have missile launcher platforms from which launches can be made.

Not all of these missiles still have carriers. ATACMS and PrSM missiles can be used because we have HIMARS, MLRS and MARS launch platforms. But the Tomahawk is mostly sea-based . This is the main type of its basing. At the same time, there are ground-based launchers designed to launch nuclear-capable missiles,” Svitan said.

In his opinion, the American industry can adapt any sea-based launcher on a tractor, as was done earlier with the Harpoon missile.

“, in principle, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using it very successfully. The Tomahawk missile may have an approximately similar level of training. Therefore, I think that the entire list of these missiles will be transferred. There will be questions, but this is now being agreed between our General Staff and the Pentagon,” the expert is sure.

Is it possible to get a Tomahawk

The observer believes that Ukraine can get Tomahawk missiles , but everything will depend on what the Russians do next .

If they realize that they will be handing over the Tomahawk to us, they will reduce or completely stop the missile attack on Ukraine's infrastructure. I think that this issue will then be put on hold. If the Russians continue to “work” with their long-range missiles, I think that this can speed up the process of transferring the Tomahawk to Ukraine, the colonel said.

According to him, this is because the Tomahawk is ” parity weapons.”

“It will exclude the possibility of new launches of the Russians, because they understand that there will be two launches in the opposite direction. That is, these “swings” will cool the Russian ardor and will not allow them to work as long-range missiles on our territory,” the expert added.

Needs for the Armed Forces

The specialist stated that even without the use of missile capabilities on the territory of Russia, these types of missiles will play a very important role.

“Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine can reach the depth of the front with m31 missiles from HIMARS up to a maximum of 50 – 70 kilometers. The depth of the front is almost everywhere over 70 – 80 km: in Zaporozhye – up to 150 kilometers, in the Donetsk region – up to 200 kilometers. That is, we need missiles to the entire depth of the front to break logistics chains, command posts and trains,” Svitan concluded.

Ukraine may be given ATACMS: what is known

  • Ukraine again asked the United States has ATACMS missile systems. They will allow attacking Iranian drone launch sites and other enemy points. These missiles can destroy objects at a distance of up to 300 km. At the same time, the Ukrainian government offers the US full and permanent visibility into the list of Russian targets that ATACMS plans to hit. This actually allows the States to prohibit attacks on Russian territory.
  • According to Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, this weapon will significantly change the picture of the front and reduce the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is convinced that ATACMS can help to win not just a victory, but a triumphant victory.
  • As Glenn Howard, president of The Jamestown Foundation think tank, noted, Ukraine needs to provide ATACMS missiles so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Kerch bridge and cross out Russian intentions hold the southern front near Kherson. This will end this war as quickly as possible.

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