Ukraine closed a mining farm with 3800 PlayStation 4 consoles

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Ukraine closed a mining farm with 3800 PlayStation 4 consoles

The Security Service of Ukraine has uncovered a large mining farm in the city of Vinnitsa. There were thousands of game consoles, video cards and processors connected to the network.

It is reported that approximately 3800 game consoles were found on the crypto farm. Of course, until now, PS4 mining has not been officially documented, but other consoles have already been modified for Bitcoin mining.

The Ukrainian farm was illegally connected to the city's power grid. A sudden surge in energy consumption attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies, so the cryptocurrency miners were eventually discovered.

In addition to 3800 consoles, more than 500 video cards, 50 processors, laptops, smartphones and flash drives were found on the farm. The original PlayStation 4 consoles were equipped with a GPU with 18 CUs. This provided a performance of about 1.84 teraflops.

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