Ukraine got a unique chance, but first it must win


Ukraine received a unique a chance, but first it must win

Ukraine has waited for the moment when it can radically change its future/All-Ukrainian Association of Financial Companies

Who would have imagined? Ukraine today is the most famous and popular country in the world! After all, any crisis brings opportunities!

A Mecca for top politicians

In 2022, Ukraine was visited by:

1. Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

2. Emmanuel Macron is the President of France.

3. Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada.

4. Andrzej Duda is the President of Poland.

5. Egil Levits is the President of Latvia.

6. Gitanas Nauseda is the President of Lithuania.

7. Alar Karis is the President of Estonia.

8. Jill Biden is the wife of the President of the United States.

The whole world heard Ukraine

Zelensky is the most popular politician in the world today. He became the first foreign leader to address the British Parliament.

In addition to the UK, Zelensky addressed the parliaments of:

  • Australia;
  • Belgium;
  • Greece;
  • < li>Italy;

  • Spain;
  • Ireland;
  • Canada;
  • Cyprus;
  • Lithuania;< /li>
  • Netherlands;
  • Romania;
  • Finland;
  • France;
  • Sweden;
  • Estonia;
  • South Korea;
  • Japan.

Zelensky spoke at the European Parliament and at the NATO summit. And today (May 8 – Channel 24) he is participating in the G7 meeting! Ukraine today is one step away from the status of a candidate for EU membership!

Star circle of friends

The coolest entrepreneur Elon Musk is in direct contact with the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers and provided our country with advanced satellite communications! Angelina Jolie, Ambassador of Peace, visited Ukraine, and U2 soloist Bono performs in Kyiv!

Our flags are installed in almost all European and world capitals! The world supports Ukraine! The EU, Britain, Canada have abolished duties on Ukrainian goods!

An opportunity not to be missed

About $5 billion of international assistance has already entered the state budget of Ukraine, another $10 billion is the future more – less guaranteed income. The total declared amount of assistance to Ukraine (military, financial, humanitarian) today is already more than 100 billion dollars.

Ukraine has already received more than 1 thousand units of military equipment (except for mobile devices – MANPADS, anti-tank missiles).

Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are going through hard trials, but it is they who open the way for Ukraine to freedom, prosperity and a new role on the World map! This is the first time we have such an opportunity, and we must take advantage of it! But first you need to win!

Actual – Justin Trudeau visited Irpin destroyed by the Russians: watch the video

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